Client Love Stories

Tyler Khoo & Gigie

Tyler Khoo & Gigie


How They Met:

We met each other at the workplace. Her generosity captivated me and of course her beauty too. She loves me because I’m being considerate and loving towards her. I always believe trust is built, not given. The moment of hanging on during the toughest moments is what it takes to last this long and to tie the knot.


After dating for 3 years, I know she is the one for me. On that day, at M Summit 191. I told her it was my colleague’s birthday, then I got all my friends to gather inside the hotel first. When she arrived, she thought it was just a normal colleague’s birthday from my workplace. As she entered, my friends started to come out from the room, one by one giving her a rose, and towards the end, I was holding a cardboard written “ Will You Marry Me?” After that I brought her to the beautifully decorated master room and began my short speech on how we met and how important she is in my life, and finally kneel down to propose to her. She nodded and says Yes! That is the most magical night of my life.

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