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Bryan and Karen

Bryan & Karen


I & Karen met in 2015 when Karen joined the company that I was working for. I can still clearly remember the very 1st time we met as we were introduced to one another and the very 1st thing that caught my attention was her very sweet smile. We were in different departments and our work wasn’t really related to each other but I believe God made a way for us to be closer and that’s when we had to work late on a few occasions that’s how we started talking to each other more. The more we talked and shared about our past the more we got closer and that lead us to our very 1st date together and it was over coffee.

Over time, we went out for more frequent dinners and coffee together and over time, our feelings grew for each other. I some how or rather knew that she was the one for me as she has a very caring heart and very humble. That’s when I knew I couldn’t let her go and asked her to be my girlfriend and she agreed.

That’s when our relationship started to bloosom. We could talk about anything together and share things with each other. Of course there will be ups and downs in every relationship but we will always talk about it together and work it out. That’s how I believe our relationship gets stronger & stronger with each passing days.

After 4 years together in courtship, it’s time to make the next move and ask her to marry me and that’s when I planned together with her closest friends for a surprise proposal.

Honestly, it was a very last minute thing but the opportunity and timing was just excellent. I asked her friends to invite her out for dinner together and I would surprise her later as on the day itself, I was in Penang for work and am suppose to be back later that night. I came back earlier without her knowing and surprised her halfway through their dinner. It was arranged at Cafe Cafe Restaurant in KL. The ambience was just perfect for the occasion and that’s where she said ‘YES’ to me.

I was the happiest man alive and I knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. It was all God’s plan to bring her into my life and cherish every moment we have spent together and for the remaining years to come for us together.

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