How We Produce Quality Jewellery

How We Produce Quality Jewellery

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Everytime we propose a diamond to our client, we select carefully by our in house gemologist. There are more to a diamond than just Triple i. We make sure our clients get a diamond of the diamond of their dream.



After the sketch is complete with all the fine details, it is passed on to the molding section. In the molding department the very experienced professional molders then turn the sketch into a master mold which sets the base for the total process there from. The master mold is a very complex level of crafting as the final outcome rests on the master mold.


Setting consists in attaching a precious stone or gem to a metal mount by moving part of the metal. The techniques commonly used for settings include:

  • Prong/claw Setting. The prongs are tiny pieces of metal from the mount that the setter folds over the stone’s girdle securing the stone into place. This is the most common technique for solitary gems.
  • Bezel setting. A tiny precious metal disk surrounds the stone. The sheet is folded over the entire perimeter of the stone securing it from the underside.

Every part must be polished while the mount is being made. The entire mount is carefully made clean and polished to the highest degree of smoothness so that each and every part is attractively polished off. After stage setting, the polisher is credit worthy for giving the jewelry a concluding polish. All tinctures of the polishing compounds and ‘rouge’ must be meticulously got rid of either by careful washing by hand, or by use of supersonic cleaning baths.