Diamond? Alien Language To Me

Diamond? Alien Language To Me


Challenges every guy faces today, which one is it you?

Scenario I:

I am a man, how would i know about diamond?! Ask me cars, i can spend a whole day telling you about it, but when it comes to diamond. Hmmm… not a single clue. Everyone tells me 4C’s, GIA certificate, but do i really understand? Do i know how to select? Answer is NO! *shrug*

Scenario II:

I read up a lot of articles about diamond. Too much information to take in. In the end, i think i know but i still have doubt when i was thrown thousands of diamond online to choose from or not sure if the sales person is showing me a good diamond with all the spotlights shining on the diamond. They all look remarkable under the lights but what about when i leave the store? I can’t be holding the spotlight everywhere i go.

Scenario III:

Ha! After reading tonnes of articles about diamond, i think i am the “Diamond Master” now. I have confidence in selecting my own diamond, but going from one shop to another is kind of tiring.

Problem about choosing online is there are online jewellery stores selling vast range of diamonds. From good to lousy cutting of the same quality, bad inclusions. Scrolling down a long list of diamonds, yet limited good quality diamonds. You are on your own!

That is what makes iDo Jewellery different from the rest, iDo Jewellery chooses QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. We filter out

  • The average to bad cutting, select only Ideal Cut diamond.
  • Unacceptable types of inclusion, eg. Indented Natural, Chip.
  • Black dots on the diamond (which is not stated in certificate).
  • Medium blue – Very Strong Blue Fluorescence

Also check out how we select our diamonds video here

How are we different? 
At IDO JEWELLERY, we believe the guys should focus on his love, his proposal and make memories!
Let our GIA certified gemologist help with the grinding and searching for the diamond best fit your budget without compromising on quality.

Check out how our in house gemologist filter your diamonds strictly.

Step 1: 4C’s Filter

Strict selection by our in house gemologist.


Observe the amount of diamond search result. Now 173 pieces in total regardless how bad is the clarity & cutting.


After selecting clarity & basic cutting which is Triple Excellents, now left 42 diamonds in the list.


Now we go into further filter is to take away any color tinge, and strictly good Heart & Arrow diamond.


Then we look into some other criteria that is not stated in any certificate which is black & white spots in the diamond which affects the beauty and price too.


This step is to select only Ideal cut diamond. The end result is only 1 left and it’s not the end of the selection process! If lucky, there may be 5 left, unlucky there can be none left at this point.

Step 2: Check Video & Image of Diamond


iDo Jewellery is always happy to see this type of arrows but we cannot just rely on it.


and we close the window immediately when we see this type of arrows (are there even arrows?)

We will also provide a 360 video of the diamond under controlled lighting.

Step 3: Holloway Cut Adviser Calculator

Then we go into rejection tool, the HCA.


We key in diamond measurement into the calculator, HCA score has to be less than 2. Anything that goes above it will be rejected.

Step 4: Ideal Scope

We always provide Ideal Scope image.


Step 5: Aset Scope

We provide also Aset Scope image. This is the most crucial part of the entire process, which most of the jeweller will not be able to provide. With this tools, diamond can be quite hard to sell if it does not meet the standard.


We only select High Performance diamond under Aset Scope. We need to see intense red color (light return). 


Good : Red (light return, meaning diamond more sparkling)

Bad : Green (low brightness) , White (leakage)


We are the jeweller that will go extra miles to filter a long list of diamonds to select only the good quality for you. So rest assured our diamonds have been QC-ed before they are posted on www.idojewellery.com