Comparison Between Comfort Fit Ring vs Standard Ring

Comparison Between Comfort Fit Ring vs Standard Ring


iDo Jewellery only produce Comfort Fit ring, as we truly understand the importance for our clients to have quality comfortable ring for daily wear. Why we insist in not making a regular fit ring as it tends to be distorted easily or even break, we do not want you to go through all the hassle having your ring remake.

aPicture on the left shows an example of Hollow Fit in the inner ring. This type of ring tend to be very uncomfortable for wearing. Reason why a lot of jeweller in the market sells this kind of ring because they want to carve off as much gold as possible, which many end users do not realise eventhough they can feel it is quite uncomfy.

Cutting off that much gold makes it very light weight, the overall touch and feel become less profound. It will leave a mark on your finger and due to the thinness of the ring, wearer will tend to have a “cutting finger” sensation.

This is the type of ring that you will never find from iDo Jewellery. As we custom make only Comfort Fit Ring.


From iDo Jewellery, you will only Comfort Fit ring likwedding-kaee the picture on the right. Look at the inner dome, it does not just look thick and solid. It weighs heavy as well. All of our clients love the comfort fit ring that we make. We want to assure every clients purchase quality ring that will last them a lifetime.

Why comfort fit to us is so important? Clients’ satisfaction is our priority. When our clients collect their rings, feels the weight in their hand. Sees the quality we promise, the smile on their face. Priceless! 

 Quality is the priority consideration that you have to put into before design. What is design without quality workmanship and material?

Just like a beautiful girl without inner beauty (quality). I’m just saying.

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