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Our Skillful Craftman Producing Exceptional Black Ceramic Wedding Ring

Black ceramic is a very hard material that the melting point is 1400 degrees. Thus we cannot burn white gold nor platinum together with black ceramic. So our skillful craftman has to measure every single ring carefully for the black ceramic to fit in precisely. We never compromise the quality even it is difficult to [...]

Handcrafted The Elegant Diamond Bangle

To make this beautiful piece of bangle, we handpicked our 800 pcs of melees over 2,000 pieces of diamond  melees.

How We Produce Quality Jewellery

Our Production Site     Everytime we propose a diamond to our client, we select carefully by our in house gemologist. There are more to a diamond than just Triple i. We make sure our clients get a diamond of the diamond of their dream.     After the sketch is complete with all the [...]