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What Does Ring Weight Tells About Your Ring

Many people overlooked the importance of the ring weight. Why is it important? Heavy ring means: It is solid Inner ring is not concave nor shredded off gold It is thick enough for comfort fit, more comfortable for wearing The internal formula, using palladium instead of nickle. More elegant look & feel


When shopping for an important piece of jewelry, most of my clients know the design or style they've set their hearts on. But when asked about their preference for precious metals, their answers can be a bit more hazy. It can be confusing parsing through your wide variety of options. Even if you’re sure of your [...]

Comparison Between Comfort Fit Ring vs Standard Ring

iDo Jewellery only produce Comfort Fit ring, as we truly understand the importance for our clients to have quality comfortable ring for daily wear. Why we insist in not making a regular fit ring as it tends to be distorted easily or even break, we do not want you to go through all the hassle […]